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Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxing Day Painting

   Some of the things I have finally finished up over the past few days, as I got the chance to do so.

First up: A Paneuro Cybertank

This is a French Fencer. Its main armament is a collection of missile racks.

It is named L'Orient. The original Orient was a French ship of the line 
that blew up at the Battle of the Nile when her magazine exploded.

It has both the original turret and the up-gunned Fencer-B turret. (Shown here and below)

I hand painted both the Paneuro logo (the Corinthian helmet) and the French roundel.
The roundel was easier.

Five of these small tank bases were completed for my Dystopian Wars Prussian Empire force.

This is the Staff base for FOW British 8th Army artillery.

The map is a printout of an actual Tobruk map.

Here's the WTO (Wireless Telegraph Operator)

An observer stand. Note the sparse brush they are taking cover within.

Same observers, different view.

The entire Artillery HQ. Now I need to paint some guns.

   I have also finished painting the five Martian Shield Gunners that have been languishing on the table, but no photos just yet. I have updated my painting log, and I am just at 100 28mm figures this year. Pretty good. I am going to try and finish some more 6mm vehicles for Ogre (the Luftpanzer company I received for Christmas, for example). I will also try and finish off some more 15mm figures. I have ten British naval Brigade troops on the painting table right now, and I am considering tackling a batch of 15mm salamander men from Khurasan that I got from Eli a couple of years ago, but never figured out how I wanted to paint them. Now I think I am just going to go with classic green and get them on the table!


Edwin King said...

Those artillery men are excellent pieces - very impressive stands.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Thanks, Edwin. I liked how they came out, especially for Battlefront sculpts. Really, the only issue I have with Battlefront is that the faces lack any character, usually. Detail of kit and so on is quite good for the most part.