Friday, December 13, 2013

It is Completed!

  Actually, two things were.

  One is the semester of school, with the submission of my 13 page paper titled "Collaboration in Three Balkan States, 1941-1945." We will celebrate tonight with Hobbit-y movie goodness. SMAUG!

   The other is my punching out and constructing the pieces for Ogre Designer's Edition. It only took about three weeks.

   The image above is Steve Jackson Games's version. Mine is a bit messier, with the pieces of Nihon Empire kit sitting in one of the empty bays.

  The next few days will consist of painting minis, buying Christmas presents, painting minis, wrapping gifts, painting minis, going to Austin, and painting minis.

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The Unknown Brother said...

I have no idea how to message you, but I'm interesting in wargaming and live in Webster. Shoot me an e-mail?