Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last new material of 2013.

   Well, I finished a few more things today, but I don't think I am going to get the last 11 15mm figures on the table done before midnight, so... this is the o-fish-ul last post of material this year. Plus, my beloved Texas Aggies (Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 1994, right here!) just won a hard fought bowl game against Duke, coming form 21 points behind to win by 4. And the gluten-free brownies for tomorrow's lunch came out awesome (I tried a 'test' brownie - with ice cold milk).

   So, without further ado... some Ogre minis! Oh, and a slipped in shot of some Martian shield gunners.

A Paneuropean GEV-PC, in German service.

All of these GEVs are part of I.Luftpanzer Division.

A trio of Paneuropean "Cossack" LGEVs.
In German service, I call them Luftpanzerkampfwagon I.

Paneuro Logo, handpainted.

The entire LGEV section (two flights) of I.Luftpanzer.

25mm Shield Gunners from RAFM.

German Ogre Infantry (actually GW Epic Space Marines)
This is the 2nd Battalion, I.Panzergrenadier Regiment.

A close up of the command for C Company.

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Andrew Saunders said...

Great looking pieces there