Saturday, February 22, 2014

15mm Sci Fi: To Be, or Not To Be?

   With the absolutely insane number of awesome 15mm science fiction minis coming out recently, I am seriously considering breaking one of my unwritten rules for this year: starting a new genre and scale. I have some science fiction minis, both 28mm and 6mm. Mainly in 28mm, it's a few Imperial Guard for Warhammer 40K that I originally purchased for Victorian Science Fiction, but hey, they count, right? Well, I am counting them. And the 6mm include both Battletech and Ogre Miniatures. That has grown in the past year or so, and will be continuing this year. I hope Steve gets those minis back into production soon!

   So sci-fi is not a new genre overall. But in 15mm - that I have not done. Yet. But the Chuhuac (Loud Ninja Games) croon in their reptilian voices. The Cultists of Andromeda threaten all civilizations, including the Hauk, the Terran Federal Army, the Nova Respublik, the Kingdom of the Jasmine Throne, the Meso-Nai, the Garn, the Felids, the Pelagic Dominate and many others (all from Khurasan!). The Quar (Zombiesmith), with their lower technology, resist alien invasion like heroes of old. The Sahadeen, Earth Force, Titan Marines, and the Brog Empire from Rebel Minis. The Prydain from Ion Age. That's what, sixteen various forces? And not even all that is out there, just my favorites.

   I think I am in deep trouble. I guess I need to start finding rules...

  So, I'd like recommendations for a rule set. Infantry heavy, with each side typically consisting of a platoon of 3-4 squads of 8 to 10 troops, plus a command section of 3 or 4 men (Officer, Sr. NCO, Radio, maybe a batman or runner, perhaps even a banner). Individually based. Needs to have vehicles as well, and handle varying technology levels and alien races - I want them to be more than merely cosmetically different from humans, the usual 'standard' infantryman. As far as vehicles go, maybe as much as a platoon added on, meaning up to 4 vehicles. Not including battle-taxis or trucks to maneuver the infantry if needed.

   Later on, if the rules could be scaled up to company level, with a multi-figure stand of infantry making a squad, three infantry platoons, a command section, and a heavy weapons platoon on each side, that would be great. Or maybe a second set of rules, but that would be less preferable.


David Billinghurst said...

Stargrunt II from GZG is available for free. Folks also seem to like FUBAR. Tomorrow's War seems to be a close relative of SGII, is quite crunchy and has its fans. I like 5150: Star Army and am reading the new 5150: Battalion Commander from Two Hour Wargames - both of which have campaign rules and solo play options for folks, like me, who can't find play mates ;)

TamsinP said...

Gruntz may be another good option.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I've downloaded FUBAR. It looks okay, and very simple. I have heard good things about Gruntz from some others, as well. I may try to get my grubby paws on 5150: Star Army as well.