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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Organization Day in the Man Cave

   I spent about four hours this morning tidying up the Man Cave. In the process, I tried to organize my projects a bit more. I was a little shocked at how much stuff I have for some projects, and how much I need for others. For example, I have two full bins of on-the-sprue Warhammer Empire infantry and cavalry, plus five additional boxes. Each bin is approximately 14" x 10" x 5". That's a lot of plastic to paint!

   You have to see it to believe it. So here are pictures of the Man Cave, mid-project.

The Man Cave
The big box above the glass case is Ogre.
Six bins of terrain, two bins of Empire figures (in bottom), more minis in other bins

Bookshelves and mini fridge (beer, water and Dr Pepper), plus some more terrain.
Boardgames, two forts, basing material. Packing material.
Historicon Event Listing covers framed.

Display case. Everything in it is painted.

The old painting table. More labeled boxes of minis.
Plus, two drawers under neath full of toys - mostly LEGO.

More minis, all accurately labeled (!).
Also, the drawers have minis, dice, tokens, markers, etc.

The Terrain Closet of Doom.
Lots of supplies, not a lot of stuff built. Story of my (gaming) life...

Slippy the Turtle, Man Cave Mascot
Another pair of bookshelves and some terrain boards.

   Not pictured were the flat screen TV on the northern wall, plus the media shelves with a couple of hundred DVDs and video games, plus the boys' rocker gaming chairs. Also, hard to see but right in the midst of the room is my primary gaming table, a 3'x6' solid wood (rock maple) trestle table. It weighs in the neighborhood of two hundred pounds for just the top. It can stop pistol bullets - don't ask how I know this, but trust me: it's been tested.

   I am going to purge some things soon. I already have two boxes ready to Game It Forward - look in my next post for that. Hint: it's 1/72 scale, plastic, and historical.

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Texas Jack said...

The man cave is a manly mess, just as it should be!