Thursday, February 20, 2014

Two New VSF Vehicles

  I finished up two vehicle projects this week, and thought I would share them. First up is the French VSF landship I have named Les Bleus for the French rugby team. Their logo is on the rear of the tank. This is an Ironclad Miniatures Steam 1 Scout tank that I purchased from Iron Wind Metals at Historicon this past year. We had a minor hiccup in that the original box had two left hand tracks and no right hand ones, but the good folks at Ironclad despatched a replacement immediately. Good service is so nice to see.

I added smokestack supports.

   The second vehicle is the German (well, Prussian if you want to be picky) converted agricultural walker, the Holzfallermaschinen (Lumberjack Machine). Originally designed to assist in the clearance of the dense jungle terrain on Venus and in Germany's tropical colonies on Earth, the Holzfallermaschinen carried a saw, a pincer claw, and a flamesprayer. When military emergency arises (as so often happens), the tough "Holz" has been fitted with a machinegun by the Imperial Army and sent off to fight for the Kaiser. The Holz is a Games Workshop Ork dreadnought from the 90s, I think. All metal, I purchased it at Historicon in the flea market last summer.

Prussian flag, front and center. Makes a nice aimpoint.

Integral flamesprayer.

Hip-mounted machinegun. Walking and shooting won't mix well.

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