Thursday, February 27, 2014

Game it Forward, Again

   I was given a large number of Napoleonic miniatures, both ESCI and Airfix, a few years ago by a friend who had no use for them any longer - an abandoned project. My idea at the time was to paint them quickly (i.e., spray can uniforms, craft store flesh hands and faces, black boots and guns, silver swords, DONE) and use them to establish a wargaming club at the junior high school at which I taught.

   The principal nixed the plan. Like any plan to do anything except what we had always done - unless it involved an on/off switch. Then he was all for it! But something that might interest the kids in history or art? Waste of time, parents won't like it, you can't use our library after school for it, blah blah blah. You can imagine why I quit, right?

   ANYWAY... you stand to gain from it. I have packed up two boxes of these minis, one French and one British (with a little Prussian help). Some of the boxes are sealed, most have been opened. I don't even know if they all contain what they are labeled as, honestly, but they are free. If you want them, you got them. Email me at, first come, first served. I'll even cover the shipping in the US. You just pay for shipping if it's going across a national border.

(Red Boxes are Polish Lancers)


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