Wednesday, June 25, 2014

FOW and D&D

That's what I have been up to gaming wise.

Got trounced twice last weekend at our monthly Flames of War game fighting the Market Garden Firestorm campaign. A bad day for Germany.

In my defense:

In the first battle, the Allies had two platoons of tanks more than I (2200 pts. vs. 1470 pts.) thanks to having two Firestorm units. Then the mission called for Reserves, which kept one platoon of my Pioneers (and their minefield) off the table until too late to do any good. Lost 6-1.

In the second battle, I again had to hold half my force in Reserves, only to be allowed to arrive starting in the 3rd turn, and then at a random location. So I faced three enemy units with my two, and only dribbled in reinforcements fast enough to get them chewed up. Heck, I lost my Company Commander in Turn One! And then my dice really turned on me with a vengeance. I hit and penetrated the only really dangerous British tank THREE TIMES and failed to brew it up when I rolled a 1 for my firepower check. THREE TIMES! Just a bad game for me. I did manage to take a platoon of tanks with me on this one, so it was a 5-2 loss.

On the D&D front, we have played a total of five games. The boys have advanced to 3rd level and have just cleared out the second level of the old silver mine. Now they are in the third level, full of zombies. The cleric has already used greater turning once and vaporized six zombies, but there are a lot more down there... I need to keep notes to do a better game report, I think. Anyway, I will write more about the D&D game when I get back from vacation in two weeks.

Keep on gaming!

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