Sunday, June 1, 2014

Z is for...

15mm Sci Fi A to Z Presents...

Z is for Zombie

   Our final installment, at long last, and how could it be anything but flesh rending, cannibalistic, undead monsters? I mean, what did you expect, zebras? Yes, zombies, my favorite apocalyptic vision. It's also quite the comment on the banality of modern existence, as well, but I digress.

   Did I mention the flesh rending? Certainly wouldn't want to leave that out. Naturally I am a big fan of The Walking Dead, both the graphic novels and the television program. I also like the older Romero films, but not the remakes. I'm a shambling zombie kind of guy. Those fast zeds are no bueno, compadres. Fast zombies equates to human extinction in a matter of days. So let's stick with the typical slow, dumb, but relentless and voracious kind of zombies. Dangerous, especially in herds, but there is at least a chance for humanity to make it against them. We also eliminate 'rage' zombies. Nope, we like our zombies good and dead, thanks, not hopped up on some rage inducing viral or chemical weapon, like bath salts.

   So who makes them as 15mm miniatures? That depends on your era. I'll concentrate on the near-future post apocalypse sorts tonight.

Rebel Minis
Modern Zombie Pack #3

   Rebel Minis has three packs of modern zombies, with everything from businessmen to clowns. They also sell zombie dogs, and three different nationalities of WW2 zombies. They also have a variety of zombie hunter/survivor figures to combat/flee from the shambling menace.

Blue Moon Manufacturing

   Though more known for their gothic horror and historical miniatures, they do produce a nice zombie pack.


   Like Khurasan was not going to be in the market? Zombies have been pretty hot for a while now. And Khurasan makes some nice lead.

Splintered Light Miniatures

   Splintered Light only offers one pack of modern zombies, but they are a nice generic Zed. Scale-wise, I am not sure how they match up with the others. However, at 12 (in six poses) for $8.00, they might be hard to resist a pack, just to flesh out your horde. Flesh out - ha!


   A British company, these figures are listed under their Modern Miscellaneous range. Not terribly zombie-fied, they are listed as Civilians/Zombies. The poses lend themselves to paint-based zombification, however. Perhaps a bit of work with the knife and the pin drill could make them a bit more raggedy...

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