Wednesday, June 4, 2014

V is for...

15mm Sci Fi A to Z Brings You

V is for VTOL

   Ah yes, the vectored thrust vehicle. A staple of science fiction, especially near future or 'hard' sci-fi, where the laws of physics as we (currently) know them are inviolable. I like them because they are extremely plausible - we already have the technology. Also, there is something about their ability to launch from small areas, fly about the battlefield, then bring a hellstorm of ordnance to bear on the foe. They are agile, and not so fast moving that they overfly a ground target before generating hits. I like the big chunky engine look, the ducted fans...

   What the heck, they're cool.

   So here is a sampling of what's out there. Enjoy! just re-released a nice looking one. It's called the V105 Sabre Flyer, and Eli Arndt did a nice review of it just the other day on Dropship Horizon. Speaking of which, if you are into 15mm sci-fi, you should be following that blog.

   The ubiquitous Khurasan Miniatures offers some as well. I like the look of this one, the Dragonfly Light Gunship.

But the Red Faction VTOL Gunship is truly awesome in appearance (also from Khurasan).

Then there is Clear Horizon's Raven class VTOL. Very cool, sleek looking.

Old Crow used to manufacture this big cargo VTOL, but I don't think they are still making models. Does anyone know if the molds have been sold off?

  By the way, I know that this A to Z has gone wildly out of order. Partially a function of OOOOOO Shiny. Partially a function of time and availability. I think you can all manage to cope with it. Right?

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