Friday, June 27, 2014

Poor Bloody Infantry

   As this posts, I should be starting my first game of Poor Bloody Infantry, a WWII game from Peter Pig Miniatures. Martin Goddard, the owner of Peter Pig, kindly invited my son Dane and I to come to his home and play a game whilst we are visiting his hometown of Weymouth. Dane and I came to Weymouth to attend Tankfest at the Tank Museum in nearby Bovington.

  I just wanted to thank Martin again for his kind invitation, and brag that I am going to Tankfest and most of you lot aren't! Nah nah nah! 

  I did have to sacrifice Historicon this year in order to convince the memsahib that this was a good idea, and agree to meet her in Paris after a week in the UK. Totally worth it. Tanks tomorrow! Very exciting!

   Photos may have to wait until I return to be posted - I'm unsure of the level of internet access I will have while traveling. But I plan to take lots.

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