Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lead Painters' League Reduces my Eye Candy

   It does, because while I have been painting some things, I can't show them off here because of the rules of Lead Painters' League competition. Which is going to begin in a few weeks. And which I am going to enter, using some of the minis recently painted. So there you have it.

   I can tell you what I have painted, however. A good bit of smaller scale items. Including:
  • 1x 15mm Old Glory Colonial Steam Gunboat
  • 3x Paneuropean Light Tanks, in Swedish colours
  • 6x Paneuropean Heavy Tanks in Swedish colours
  • 2x Paneuropean Howitzers in French colours
  • 3x Quar 6mm Gun Tractors / tanks
  • 1x Dystopian Wars FSA battleship
  • 3x Dystopian Wars FSA cruisers
  • 5x Dystopian Wars FSA frigates

   Almost finished are eleven FSA tiny flyer tokens (or support air squadrons, in Ver 2.0), four FSA frigates, and two FSA bombers.

   Also on the table, but not nearly finished, are some 15mm Chuhuac (Loud Ninja Games): one grav APC, two armoured walkers, and a trio of grav bikes.

So there is a good bit of work going on on my table. How about yours?

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