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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Must... Not... Kill!!!!

  So my wife has a puppy. A Smooth-Hair Chihuahua, but not pedigreed. Female. Named Empress Carlotta. About 9 months old now. Has been in our home since June or July. Is just starting to understand the concept of "pee here, and only here."

   The dog has now developed an interest in miniatures wargaming. Or at least in taking half-painted miniatures off of a table and dragging them into her lair under the TV cabinet. They were glued to some popsicle sticks (15mm Chuhuac). She chewed the sticks up pretty good. No damage to the minis that a bit of paint can't fix, and luckily she didn't actually swallow any of them.

   That said, she also knocked off a 90% finished Chuhuac battlesuit. And it broke. Now guess who gets to drill out broken pins and re-pin and glue the thing together?

   GRRRrrrrr.... at least if we had gotten my preferred dog, he would have had the good sense not to jump up on the table. Or the ability to do it - I want an English Bulldog. His name will be Winston.


Michael Awdry said...

Now that's not good! Restraint at all times.

Eli Arndt said...

Chuhuhua likely thought the Chuhuac were kin. :)