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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Monterey Jack Saves the Day

   I am speaking, naturally, of the eminent archaeologist of Arkham, not the cheese.

Monterey Jack interacts with Amazonian Locals

   We played another game of Arkham Horror this week. This time we added in the cards from both the King in Yellow and Curse of the Dark Pharaoh sets. Our Ancient One was Nyalarthotep. I drew Monterey Jack as my investigator, which is fine, because he is one of my favorites.

   This was one of the fastest games we have yet played. The Investigators triumphed by closing all the gates. Monterey Jack, after having a great deal of trouble in the Other Worlds (especially being delayed three times in the Abyss) used an Elder Sign to seal the final gate in the eighth turn of the game. And, thanks to the luck of the draw on gate locations, there were three turns in which a gate failed to appear because the location was already sealed with an Elder Sign. The Stars Were Not Right.

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