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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lots of Boats

   According to my son Greyson, "if it doesn't have boats, it isn't art." By that logic (with which I disagree, by the way) my paint table is art. Because it is currently covered with boats, both large and small.

   The large is an Old Glory Colonial Steamer (15mm) that I received as a birthday present about four years ago, I think. It's coming along well, but painting planking is a bit wearing. SO I am doing it in bits while I work on other boats, too. Color scheme is dark grey hull (VMC Grey Black) with red gunwales (VMC Red). Decking is a light tan (VMC Buff), the pilot house and paddles are dingy white (VMC Offwhite) and the upper works are dark wood (VMC Flat Earth). 

Here's the stock photo:

   I haven't attached the smokestack because I can't find the finial. The stack will be black, the finial brass. I did attach the upper works, and added balsa planking to the top of the pilot house. I am not going to permanently attach the forward gunshield (though I am painting it for drop-in use) and the bulwarks added to the rear of the boat are out. I plan to add rope stays to the stack, and some sort of awning (removable, I think) to the rear of the boat. I will also add a flagpole which can be swapped out for various nations to use.

   I am a little extra excited about this project because I measured this boat for a fit when I had some custom Martian canals made up last year (or was it two years ago now???). Now I will have a vehicle with which to dominate the canals of Mars. Rule, Britannia!

   The other boats on which I have been working are a starter set of Dystopian Wars Federated States of America ships. So, nine frigates, three cruisers, and a battleship, plus tiny flyers and two bombers. Plus turrets, and drop ins like rocket batteries and shield generators. You know, the usual VSF-y stuff.


Michael Awdry said...

I've always had a hankering to do a steamer, not that I need one, they just look so cool!

J Womack, Esq. said...

I'm pretty happy with how it is turning out. I still haven't added the awning to it, but other than that, it is complete.

Don M said...

I got one of these and picked up some naval guns to rearm it, it's a nice boat.