Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Oh Bad Doggies!

So my dogs ate two minis last night.

Well, not ate them, but chewed up pieces of them beyond any real hope of saving them. Bulldogs, even ones that are only 10 months old, have rather powerful jaws. I think the chihuahua taught him this trick, as she has gnawed on minis before.

Here are the remains:

The front of a hull for a small airship. Remains of the paint on this one.
It's been warped pretty badly so that it won't fit any longer.

This was a driver/pilot for the Minion Quadricycle.
He's lost his head. Legs are crushed. One side is mashed flat.
LOTS of toothmarks.

  To top it all off, these minis are irreplaceable, essentially. They are from Parroom Station and the related Secret Science lines, sculpted by Bob Charrette and formerly produced and sold through Brigade Games. When they split last summer (2015), I snapped these up before they were gone for good, or at least until Bob finds a new manufacturer. Total loss on them.

Here is how I am dealing with the situation.

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Don M said...

I have two Dachshunds I feel your pain! Fortunately for me (and them) they are past that stage and have become content with turning the back yard into a WWI trench system (guess they are German) lol.