Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Project Review, Fall 2016: 25/28mm

A recap of what's going on:

    With the start of fall coming on, I decided I need to survey my madness. To wit, I am looking at each wargaming project I have ongoing, and what the status of said project currently is. 

   To define, a 'project' is a faction or force for a particular genre in a particular scale. Therefore, 15mm British WW2 and 28mm British WW2 are two different projects, as would be a 15mm DAK force, as would a British Paras vs. a British 8th Army force. Since there are so many and in so many scales, this shall be a short series of posts rather than one mega-post.

   For status, I shall use 'planning' (want to buy minis), 'active' (not playable but I am currently working on it), 'inactive' (unplayable but on to-do list), 'dead' (can't play, not doing anything, don't plan on it), 'playable' (enough to play, still adding to it), and maybe rarest of all, 'finished' (can play, no plans to add to it).

   I've already done the Small Scale projects, and the 15mm projects, if you missed those.

  1. VSF Eureka Pond Wars: dead
  2. VSF Lizardmen: inactive
  3. VSF/Colonial British: playable
  4. VSF German: playable
  5. VSF Automaton: finished
  6. VSF Martian: inactive
  7. VSF Vardu: inactive
  8. VSF French: inactive
  9. VSF Russian: dead
  10. VSF Japanese: dead
  11. VSF Turkish: dead
  12. VSF Parrotmen: inactive
  13. VSF Characters (HM Victoria I, others): playable
  14. Skyrunners VSF Racing: dead
  15. EOTD/IHMN Werewolves: finished
  16. EOTD/IHMN Gentlemen: finished
  17. EOTD/IHMN Police Constables: playable
  18. IHMN Lord Curr's Company: playable
  19. IHMN Servants of Ra: playable
  20. IHMN Society of Thule: playable
  21. Colonial Boers: dead
  22. Gutshot Cowboys and Lawmen: finished
  23. Gutshot Banditos: dead
  24. Terrain Old West: dead
  25. Terrain Sci Fi: inactive
  26. Terrain VSF: inactive
  27. Terrain Fantasy: inactive
  28. SAGA Normans: dead
  29. SAGA Vikings: dead
  30. SAGA Arabs: dead
  31. Roleplaying Heroes: playable
  32. Roleplaying monsters: playable
  33. Doctor Who Daleks: inactive
  34. Doctor Who Doctor and Companions: active
  35. Doctor Who Angels: active
  36. Doctor Who UNIT: planning
  37. VBCW Free Welsh: playable
  38. Warmachine Cygnar: playable (marginally)
  39. Hordes Circle Oroboros: inactive
  40. Hordes Minions: inactive
  41. Warhammer Empire: inactive
  42. Warhammer Lizardmen: inactive
  43. WH40K Imperial Guard: inactive
  44. WW2 British Paras: planning
  45. WW2 Germans: planning
  46. AT-43 Therians: dead
  47. AT-43 UNSC: dead
  48. AT-43 Red Blok: dead
  49. Star Wars Prepaint: dead
  50. Warhammer High Elf: dead
  51. Warhammer Bretonnian: dead
  52. Highland Badgers: playable (old and need re-paint)

Note: EotD is "Empire of the Dead," IHMN is "In Her Majesty's Name," VBCW is "A Very British Civil War."

   As you can see, there are a lot of dead projects in this scale. Ambition and ooh shiny got the better of my good sense over the years, and I almost never get rid of anything. Most are things where I have only a few figures, just testing the waters really. Which is good, I suppose. It's also by a fair margin the single longest list, which honestly surprised me. I thought the 15mm list would be the biggest.

   Also, I am shocked to see that I was considering up to 20 (!) different VSF projects in just 28mm. Twenty! I'm a sick man, really, I need help.


Terry Silverthorn said...

Your not at all sick & are amongst others with the same tenets of gathering hordes of things that may never see the end of a brush. Welcome aboard...sort of feels like Hotel California eh!

Jonathan said...

I enjoyed reading these lists, thanks for sharing! It is not madness - you have similar projects (eg VSF) in 3 scales - that is "normal" wargamer behaviour! I am impressed by how many forces you actually have in playable status, most of mine are "inactive", but at least they are getting organized and prioritized (and in some rare cases, sold off). Terry and I disagree on who has more unpainted miniatures. Counting them to find out, now that would be madness.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Counting the unpainted figures would take a) a lot of time and b) the last shreds of my sanity and dignity.

And, for the record, there are four scales of VSF ("fleet", 6mm, 15mm, 25mm) projects. OH Lord, what have I done?