Sunday, September 18, 2016

Project Check, Fall 2016: "Odd", Fleet and 6mm

   With the start of fall coming on, I decided I need to survey my madness. To wit, I am looking at each wargaming project I have ongoing, and what the status of said project currently is. 

   To define, a 'project' is a faction or force for a particular genre in a particular scale. Therefore, 15mm British WW2 and 28mm British WW2 are two different projects, as would be a 15mm DAK force, as would a British Paras vs. a British 8th Army force. Since there are so many and in so many scales, I think this shall be a short series of posts rather than one mega-post.

   For status, I shall use 'planning' (want to buy minis), 'active' (not playable but I am currently working on it), 'inactive' (unplayable but on to-do list), 'dead' (can't play, not doing anything, don't plan on it), 'playable' (enough to play, still adding to it), and maybe rarest of all, 'finished' (can play, no plans to add to it).

Fleet Scale (smaller than 6mm)
  1. Dystopian Wars (DW) Federated States: playable
  2. DW Prussian: playable
  3. DW Indian Raj: planning
  4. Sky Galleons of Mars (SGOM) British: inactive
  5. SGOM Martians: inactive
  6. Aeronef Italians: dead
  7. Terrain: inactive
  1. VSF French: inactive
  2. VSF German: inactive
  3. VSF British: inactive
  4. VSF Venusian Lizardmen: planning
  5. VSF Martians: inactive
  6. OGRE - Combine: playable
  7. OGRE - Paneuropean: playable
  8. Quar: inactive
  9. BattleTech (multiple unspecified houses): playable
  10. Modern/Cold War US: planning
  11. Modern/Cold War Soviet: planning
  12. WW2 Allied North Africa: planning
  13. Kaiju: planning
  14. Terrain: inactive
"Odd" Scales
  1. Matchbox Scale Car Wars: playable
  2. Silent Death: dead
  3. X-Wing: playable
  4. Dark Future: inactive

   That pretty much does it for the smaller stuff. Unfortunately, these are the shorter lists - 15mm and 25mm will be longer, and will each get their own post in the next few days. Each has more than thirty entries...

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