Monday, September 19, 2016

Project Check, Fall 2016: 15mm

A recap of what's going on:

    With the start of fall coming on, I decided I need to survey my madness. To wit, I am looking at each wargaming project I have ongoing, and what the status of said project currently is. 

   To define, a 'project' is a faction or force for a particular genre in a particular scale. Therefore, 15mm British WW2 and 28mm British WW2 are two different projects, as would be a 15mm DAK force, as would a British Paras vs. a British 8th Army force. Since there are so many and in so many scales, this shall be a short series of posts rather than one mega-post.

   For status, I shall use 'planning' (want to buy minis), 'active' (not playable but I am currently working on it), 'inactive' (unplayable but on to-do list), 'dead' (can't play, not doing anything, don't plan on it), 'playable' (enough to play, still adding to it), and maybe rarest of all, 'finished' (can play, no plans to add to it).

   I've already done the smaller scale projects, if you missed that.

  1. VSF/Colonial British: playable
  2. VSF/Colonial French: playable
  3. VSF Martians: playable
  4. VSF Venusian Lizardmen: playable
  5. VSF Automatons: finished
  6. VSF/Colonial Germans: playable
  7. VSF Monstrosities (Dr. Vardu): inactive
  8. VSF Japanese: dead
  9. VSF Texicans: inactive
  10. VSF Papal States: dead
  11. Colonial Zulus: finished
  12. Colonial Mahdists: dead
  13. WW2 German DAK: inactive
  14. WW2 British 8th Army: playable
  15. WW2 US Marines: active
  16. WW2 British Paras: dead
  17. 30YW Imperial: inactive
  18. SF FedArms: playable
  19. SF PLA: playable
  20. SF Xin: inactive
  21. SF Tigrids: playable
  22. SF Prang: planning
  23. SF Chuhuac: playable
  24. SF New Vistula Legion: inactive
  25. SF Xenomorphs: dead
  26. SF Civilians: active
  27. SF Star Vikings (multi-race force): active
  28. Terrain SF: playable
  29. Terrain desert: playable
  30. Terrain jungle: active
  31. Terrain urban historical: inactive
  32. Spanish Civil War Requetes: inactive
  33. Fantasy Football Orc Team: inactive
  34. Fantasy Football Human Team: inactive
   Again, I think that's pretty much it for 15mm projects. I may have missed one or two. Up next is the 25/28mm list. It's even longer, I fear.


Don M said...

You are a braver man than I am, I don't think I can do such a list as it would be too long, and I tend to cross over on projects...)

J Womack, Esq. said...

Adding them up, and including dead projects. I think it's 111 projects listed across the scales. That doesn't include long dead projects that I may have one or two items for that never got off the ground really, like the FOW British Paras. I have one blister, and that was a gift. And I have already thought of a couple of 'planning' that I forgot to mention.