Sunday, April 2, 2017

02 APR 2017 Sitrep

   You will note that I did not post this yesterday, on April Fool's Day. I always found that so-called 'holiday' to be more annoying than entertaining. Perhaps it's because I don't suffer the presence of fools easily. That being said, let's move forward with a recap of what I accomplished gaming-wise in the month of March, shall we?

   The US Marines project for Flames of War Pacific is moving along nicely. I have a pretty good start on it, at any rate. Painted, I have two BAR platoons of three squads, plus command, the Company command and 2iC stands, an HMG platoon, an 81mm mortar platoon, a 60mm mortar platoon, and an F4U Corsair. I have four LVT(4) Amtracs on the painting table, along with two M3 Stuart light tanks. Purchased but still in the box are an engineering assault section, a 37mm AT gun platoon, a medium MG platoon (M1919 .30 cals), and four recon war dog teams. That leaves a few odds and ends (like the SeaBees section I want to do), but it's almost ready for battle.

   I finished translating the Carlist Requetes section of Spain in Flames from Spanish into English earlier this month. In doing that, I realized that I had painted one too many AT gun sections - I have four painted but can only use up to three. So I will pop the crew off the base and re-use them for my artillery. Which I still need to paint. But I did manage to finish off some more of those, and except for my artillery, four Panzer Is, and a FIAT plane, I think I am almost done with this project, too. I need to buy the panzers and the plane, of course. Two projects finished in a year. That's possibly a record. Except of course, they're not really finished yet.

   I've been working on the palm trees for the jungle, too. I've mentioned that elsewhere, right? Need to get a LOT more of those done, though. But as long as I am mentioning terrain, I did finish off a few more of the Ion Age corridors for my 15mm sci-fi colony, a pair of 'Y' interchanges and a single 'T.' I really like the 'Y's since they have an interesting ventilation turbine in the roof center. It's a nice touch, I thought. I have another 'T' that needs painting, as well. Again, this is a project that needs just a few more pieces to really come together: a few long corridor straights, another blockhouse I think, a few pressure doors and maybe a couple of standard corners. I might even add another hab dome. I do wish they had a garage module, at least some sort of large doorway that would represent the entrance to an underground vehicle park.

   On the roleplaying front, I have joined a local gaming group of six other players. I like most of them alright, and the GM is a great guy. We have a good bit in common, being the same age, with kids, jobs, that whole sort of thing. We are playing Pathfinder, and its my first time to really get to just play a character rather than GM in probably a decade, at least on any regular basis. We meet every Tuesday night from 6-12 midnight. That makes my early Wednesday morning not fun at all, but so far its worth it. I could bore you with the details of my character if you like...

   And boardgames, I've played a few. We played Smash Up a couple of times this month, and I won once. Yay me! I also played a game of Super Dungeon Explorer, which was fun, but I could see myself tiring of it pretty fast. Finally, a couple of missions in Zombicide: Black Plague round out the month's boardgames.

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