Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pathfinder Woes

   I am currently playing in a roleplaying game of Pathfinder, getting to be a simple player for the first time in, well, years. And I'm totally loving it. The group consists of six players and the GM, all male, ranging from ages about 25 to 45. They have had female players in the past, but currently none. I just joined about two months ago; we play each Tuesday night from 6 to midnight (kinda late for me...) at a local game store.

   Anyway, last night was a bad night for the party. We went up against a dragon not once, but twice (we thought we had escaped it). We made some poor tactical decisions and suffered for it. Long story short, one character was outright killed, and the rest of us were captured. Said capture led to some opportunity to roleplay being tough guys under torture as our captors tried to get information from us about the city they were heading towards to attack.

   I won't bore you with the details of my totally amazing and awesome character... oh, you want to hear about it? (Why can I practically see the eyes rolling?) Too bad, I'm really not going to do that. There is a guy who comes into the game store who has, on multiple occasions, told me and anyone else who can't escape all about this totally rad character he has, and she's completely legit, with statistics that are, essentially, impossible, which he claims to have worked out through taking the character through a series of game-to-game conversions. Let me just give you this tiny bit: she's amazingly beautiful, and totes a .50 caliber sniper rifle like a pistol, and can do magic, too. All of this in a typical medieval fantasy setting. He even has drawings of her. 

  Multiple drawings. In different although always tight/skimpy/both outfits.

   The only good that has come from this experience is that I have sworn off talking about any of my characters, current or past, ever again, except when it directly involves playing the game in the course of the game. Next time he tries, I'm just going to be dead rude to him, as we have all tried polite expressions of disinterest.

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