Saturday, April 15, 2017

Skrak Terror Birds

   These are new from the Ion Age. I just learned of their existence. I almost regret having the Orb Bikes for my space viking scouting elements, as these are... amazing. Just too cool. Maligs (read: space goblins) on giant terror birds. Giant. Terror. Birds.

   Heck, I even like the paint scheme.

Skrak Terror Bird Cavalry - Available here.

   Now I am trying to figure out a 'good' reason to buy these. The temptation of free worldwide shipping until 24 April isn't helping me resist either. Any 'good' reasons you can think of to buy them? So far all I am coming up with is "cowboys on a farm planet that is being attacked." Of course, I would then need some alien 'cattle'...

   And, since Ion Age is selling these without riders as well, I can think up another use for them, one near and dear to my heart: Victorian Science Fiction. I was never thrilled by the Martian Empires mounts, a sort of long multilegged dinosaurian looking thing. These might do the trick, however. Maybe just a test buy, just to see if they will work with the riders I have.

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