Monday, June 29, 2009

Fliegerjaeger Photos

Hauptmann Captured On Static Plate!

From Neu Berlin, we have received static plates of the leader of die Fliegerjaeger. He is equipped with a fantastic invention for personal mobility designed by the Kaiserlich Forschungsanstalt fur Geheimewaffen (KFG). The long blades above the captain's head are sent whirling in a circle at astonishing speed, which forces air downward, lifting the soldier straight up into the air! Powered by an ingenious spring arrangement, the device does not last long, but can allow troops to cross thick or difficult terrain in long jumps rather than slowly crossing by foot.

The captain is also armed with a repeating pistol attached to a stock for use as a carbine. His eyes are protected with goggles from the debris flung about by the downdraft of air from his flieger gear.

One can only hope that the scientists of Britain will find some way to counter this astonishing device.


Ruarigh said...

That looks brilliant. I think I need something like this in 15mm for my Piedmontese expedition to Mars. Have they come up with an in-flight rewinding system yet?

J Womack, Esq. said...

No in-flight rewinding yet. So, they are limited to jumps and drops (did I mention they can drop safely from pretty much any altitude?).

Rumor has it that the Kaiser's brainy boys are working on a handwavium-powered version that would be able to operate for several hours. That would be... bad.