Monday, June 29, 2009

Preliminary Fliegerjaeger Stats (GASLIGHT)

Die fliegerjaeger need to have statistics and some rules worked up for them. I have some preliminary ideas as to how they will operate, but the rules will need testing.

The flieger gear allows a model so equipped to move at Soar 24 for one action. The model automatically comes back to ground at the end of the action. It requires re-winding as well, which is handled the same as a Reload action. Models can charge directly into combat with the flieger gear. Also, the gear is attached to a breastplate. This armor gives an Extra a Save of 5 from long range smallarms fire and Scuffle attacks.

Flieger packs (die fliegertornister) are heavy. Any model wearing one has a 2" reduction in their movement on land, and can not swim at all. Landing in water automatically kills the model. The packs are also rather awkward in close combat. When in melee, any model wearing a fliegertornister has a -2 modifier to their Scuffle attribute. There is no effect on Shooting. Finally, no model wearing a flieger pack can enter a normal building entrance. Barn doors, okay, but a standard door or window? Forget about it. Flieger packs may be removed by using one action. Putting them on again would require another action.

Other Thoughts:
I am considering giving fliegerjaeger a bonus to Scuffle on the turn they charge, if they charge in flight. This is to represent the large whirling blades which could be used as a weapon. On the other hand, you could argue that the difficulty of controlling such awesome weapons of whirling death would offset the massive damage they would do. Perhaps a SRM modifier insted of a Scuffle modifier? Or even a modifier on the charged unit's Morale test (+1 to the roll?) to stand their ground in the face of the charge? It would be pretty scary, I think.

Regarding the weapons of the fliegerjaeger, officers are armed with pistols. NCOs and jaegers are armed with reciprocating carbines (Karabineautomatische) designed by the KFG for their use. Use the regular GASLIGHT stats for a submachine gun (Range: 6/12, SRM-10, ROF 2).

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