Saturday, June 6, 2009

Martian Rocks and Terrain

Inspired by our friend Eli of I See Lead People, I am trying to do at least 15 minutes worth of productive hobby work every day this month. I've started off well, making more terrain for my Mars table in the form of hills and rock outcroppings, etc.

Below, you see two pieces of that handiwork. The scenario for Historicon will require that the British get their mule train off the board between the long rock face in the foreground and the hill in the background of this photo. A road will be added , and is probably my next major terrain challenge for the month.
This photo shows the advantages of some good terrain: a Martian cannon sited on top of this rock has a very good field of fire for the battle. And cliffs to the front help to protect them from interference. This is another new piece.

My most recently completed piece is this cave. While it won't be used in the Historicon scenario, everyone needs a good cave or two, and it serves as a learning piece for something that will be in the scenario: a mine entry.
Details on construction and more photos of these pieces and others can be found on my terrain blog, Gaming Terrain.

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