Monday, June 1, 2009

More Tales of Ol' W.J.

17 May 1881

Another week and three more dead herbivorous reptiles. W.J. Struthers III, our overbred and overpaid civilian 'guest' was bragging about how he shot all three "on the run." However, Sergeant McKay of the dragoons was out on a patrol and he said the stegosauruses were calmly eating swampweed when he killed them. The stegos just looked at him as he approached to within thirty feet before he shot. The funny part was when Ol' W.J fell in the muddy swamp water, and got soaked from head to foot as a stego charged him because he was creeping up on one of her three hatchlings. Just like one of our longhorns back home! As he was telling the story, McKay's face was contorted in an amazingly accurate caricature of Struther's ugly mug. Sergeant Garcia spit the beer he was drinking across the room at the sight, drenching Sergeant Mendoza. Continuing the story, Sergeant McKay said Ol' W.J. was running for dear life as the mom's spiked tail was swinging dangerously close to him. W.J.'s men were running for their lives as well, except for the cook who was just watching the show from a safe and sensible distance.

On a more serious note, this week Doctor Palmer and Caruthers uncovered a coffin elaborately decorated with artwork showing the life of its owner. On the walls there was also pictures and more of the strange writing. The crypt under the temple had four guardians idnetical to the ones in teh upper temple, but on a smaller scale as they were only six feet in height. No one has moved the coffin yet, as the explorers were all searching for traps on it. Crypts and temples like this one back on Earth are often full of many nasty devices that have killed many would-be thieves and explorers.

Well, it is time to hit the Mess for dinner, a fine cigar, and hopefully some more funny stories about Ol' W.J.

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