Thursday, June 11, 2009

Minor Clash Last Night

Mechanical Menace versus Martian Malcontents!

   Last night, a series of brief clashes were reported between a group of known Martian troublemakers and a motley menagerie of mechanical minions.

   Overall, it seemed the Martians got the best of the automatons, but the fighting was desperate at times. Firepower seemed to save the day for the flesh and blood brood, as they managed to put down several of the brass and iron terrors before they could close in with pincer, saw, claw and stinger.

   Again, the proud deathrays were sadly chewed up in their second attempt at the tough toolbots. This time, however, they gave as good as they got, destroying all the toolbots while losing all but the Prince in the scuffle. The Prince had hoped to swoop in with his lances in a devastating charge before flying away

   Rifle-armed Martian levies appeared for the first time on the field, and accounted for several automatons before being slaughtered like hariskin (a small Martian animal, like a rabbit, but slower and dumber) in close combat by the spiderbots. It would have happened sooner, had the spiderbots not malfunctioned and wandered aimlessly in the wrong direction for half an hour before being brought back under control by Professor Maton himself.

   Unfortunately, our photographer was killed and his camera lost, and so we have no photostats of the events to show you. The camera's parts are probably being salvaged by the infamous genius of the Martian wastes at this very moment. The photographer's parts have undoubtedly been cleaned up by the ravenous wildlife of the red sands...

[Editor's Notes: Second playtest for Historicon. No full scale battle this time, we merely set up a couple of skirmishes. Remembered the rules better this time, though I forgot to make a Morale test or two for the Martians (Automatons don't make them). I am pretty satisfied with the malfunction rules now, and the combat ability of the automatons. Don't let them get too close if you can avoid it! But most have no ranged weapons. I may tweak the Start and Sustain rolls a bit for the different types of automaton, for a little individuality. Next playtest is next Wednesday. We'll keep you posted.]


Eli Arndt said...

Alas, we will mourn the loss of the photographer. Perhaps the next photographer will be a bit more adept at the art of evasion.


J Womack, Esq. said...

Have you any concept of what it will cost me to have another camera shipped out from Earth? And the time it will take, even if I spend yet more money having the message sent by British Imperial Interplanetary Heliograph?

It's a good thing the Martians got that careless blackguard. Compared to what I would have done to him for losing that camera, he got off easily!



Eli Arndt said...

Perhaps you can instruct the local craftsmen the fine arts of photostatics?


J Womack, Esq. said...

What does a gentleman - like myself, naturally! - know of manufacturing such things? May as well be in trade!

Confidentially, I'm not sure the Johnnies could manage it anyway, certainly not to the standards of British workmanship.