Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quantum Gothic - Beautiful Stuff!

Quantum Gothic is a British terrain manufacturer. They make some really nice looking resin 'gothic' 25mm sci-fi terrain. But to be honest, I think most of it could easily be used for VSF gaming. When I finally convince my wallet that I have not been abusing it (this may take a few months), I want to remember these models. I especially have my eye on the forcefield pylons pictured below, the comm array (aethergraphic relay stations, anyone?), and the watchtower. The other bits are not bad, either.
Note: Photos taken from Quantum Gothic website for illustrative purposes only. Free advertising!

I found these fellows sort of by accident whilst rummaging about on TMP tonight. And my wife thought I was wasting time. Harrumph!

Those pylons are just screaming "Professor MacGlarrigy's Galvanic Defense Field Focussing Array Pylon" to me. Venus needs these to keep out the dinosaurs. To quote Doctor Henry Cavor, "Imperial! Absolutely imperial!"

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Donogh said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing the link