Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Painting Report, March

Not much finished.

Well, I actually did really well for my VSF projects. Got all of those finished in the nick of time for the month. But Warhammer suffered to a lot of terrain projects and stuff. All I finished was 9 Empire halberdiers and the Stegadon. I also painted two BattleMechs (a Phoenix Hawk and a Panther).

I did manage to get a lot of work done on the new blog (this one!). And the new European fields mat is nearly done. A good bit of terrain work accomplished. Photos tomorrow, I promise. Just too tired to go get the camera and download pictures right now.

As far as the poll goes, I guess there will be a few more labels. I'll try not to go too crazy with subtopics.

Next month's goals are:
  • Paint two more BattleMechs
  • Paint BattleTech coolant trucks, SRM carriers, and Manticore tanks (2 each)
  • Finish BattleTech factory complex and defense turrets
  • Finish 5 Kislev horse archers (about 80% done now).
  • Finish Grandmaster of Blazing Sun Knights (about 95% done now)
  • Finish halberdier banner carrier (need to print banner and clear coat).
  • Finish Euro-field mat
  • Paint ten Masked Minions for VSF (25mm)
  • Paint four Masked Minion gun crewmen
  • Paint one smoke launcher (VSF artillery - poison gas!)
  • Paint ten halfjack automatons (more VSF)
  • Paint ten halfjack 'mines'.
Wow. That is a lot. We'll see if I can manage it! The list helps keep me focussed, though, and if I can get the VSF things done... well, that pretty well ends my Automaton army (excepting one conversion vehicle that I need pieces for still).

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