Monday, March 22, 2010

Working in 6mm...

   My sons have discovered BattleTech. So now, amongst all the other projects, I also need to build some 6mm scale sci-fi buildings.

   Luckily, I have a ton of little plastic bits. I have already made a hospital/clinic building using the molded blister packaging from one of my younger son's insulin pump pods. Two more pod packages with some sheet styrene and a large number of bits attached are being turned into an industrial complex. Comes with a mini-nuke power plant and even some defensive turrets. even considering some kind of security fencing. I bet a bit of screen fabric and some small plastic rod uprights would do the trick. I have thin gauge wire I could do in loops for the top razor wire... Speaking of, I guess I need to do some concertina wire and minefields as well, since I will be using infantry, artillery, VTOLs and vehicles as well as the Mechs. Combined arms, baby!

   Another interesting plastic container will likely become the control tower for an airstrip setup. I already have a piece of PVC cut in half to make a pair of Quonset hut style hangars. I was originally going to paint them aluminum, and even masked one up and sprayed it, but now I think a nice camo pattern would be better for the hangars themselves. Or at least plain concrete. Or whatever they use in 3050.

   I am tempted by some lovely resin terrain out there. I think the 28mm scale Armorcast mini-nuke plant would be brilliant for a city-sized power station. For now, I have to settle for scratch built stuff, though.

   Final thought for tonight is this: thank God for Dremel. I got one at Christmas time, finally, and I absolutely love it. Now I really want a small table top bandsaw for cutting hardboard to shape faster and easier than the jigsaw does.

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Kobold said...

LOL - aren't you doing Warhammer stuff for your boys as well? Little wargames butterflies!

(Or is this really all just an excuse for Daddy to crack on with some projects as the mood takes him?)