Friday, April 2, 2010

6mm Terrain: The Clinic

Kalian Memorial Medical Clinic

Okay, so here it is: the first piece of custom 6mm terrain I have ever made. Finally, with photos and everything. The clinic started life as the blister packaging for an OmniPod, which is a type of insulin pump that my son uses. [Note: He loves it. Highly recommended for Type I diabetics.] Started by cutting a piece of thin plywood to attach as a base. Glued the blister to the plywood base, then sprayed it with a gray primer. Drybrush lighter gray over it. Green paint for the grounds around it (still considering flocking that). Paint in windows, road markings, etc.

Details include an emergency room drive, multiple entrances, and lots of skylights. The yellow triangle is a VTOL pad for bringing in serious injuries.

With a Locust of the Recon Lance of Wulf's Hussars for scale.

[EDITED 4/5/2010: I am making changes to the clinic. I will replace the Red Cross symbol with a dove symbol. This is the symbol of the Goddess Shallya in the Old World (Warhammer Fantasy). She is the goddess of mercy and healing. Plus, it is a little different from a contemporary Red Cross symbol. Makes it seem more futuristic to me. Finally, I have gone ahead and flocked it around the edges, which looks much better. I'll repost photos when I get done.]

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