Monday, April 5, 2010

Reikland Halberdiers

My first unit of ten Empire Halberdiers. These are all plastics from the State Troops boxed set that I purchased from eBay. They arrived primed in black. I have more that will be added to this unit in the future, but it is a start.
Second Reikland Halberdiers

I painted the unit in the dominant white of Reikland, with a lot of red accents. To be honest, I really don't like to paint white. You get a bit snow-blind before you get finished. That's why I stopped at 10 for now. I'll need to do at least 3 more so that I can swap the unit in and out for a detachment. I will probably end up doing another ten or even fourteen eventually, so I can field a large block.

Standard Bearer (converted from regular halberdier)

The standard was printed off the computer and glued to the staff. I made streamers out of greenstuff as well as the brass knob at the top of the staff. the standard bearer is currently unarmed, though I may add a pistol from my bitz bin someday.

Closer shot of halberdier and drummer.

Like the standard bearer, my drummer is unarmed. He depends on the skill of the unit champion just to his right to protect him, I suppose. Sorry about the lousy lighting, but I just took the photos about an hour ago, and there is not much light to be had without disturbing others this late.

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