Monday, April 26, 2010

April Projects Update

I actually made some progress on my painting projects this weekend. Which is good, because I am almost out of time this month!

The Masked Minions are just about done. Ten infantry are completed, and most of the gun crew is as well. I just need to add the shell to the loader figure and do the cuff trim on the gun captain. Other than that, they are finished. There is a major snag on the smoke projector, though... I can't find one of the wheels!

The nine remaining 'dug-in' half-jacks for Maton are done. Still need to assemble, prime, paint and base nine of the 'in the open' half-jacks. Luckily, the paint jobs are extremely simple and fast. Also need to decide for sure if I am going to provide them with visible external weapons or not. I am leaning towards saying "Yes", but I don't have a sufficient quantity of similar bits to arm them identically. Any suggestions, ladies and gents?

Finished off bases for five already painted BattleMechs. Three other BattleMechs are just about done (final detailing and clear coating all that's left). Finished two SRM Carriers and two Manticore tanks. Coolant trucks are primed, and should not take long to paint. No infantry done yet.

The Grandmaster of the Blazing Suns is almost finished, too. Final touchup, static grass and clearcoating all that's left. The Kislevites and flagellants haven't been touched.

Photos soon. I promise.

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