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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

El primer peloton es terminado.

   Or, in the Queen's English, "The First Platoon is finished."

   Well, that is not actually true, though it is close. The command and infantry rifle sections are completed. I have just primed the LMG and I am looking for the 50mm Valero support mortars to purchase.

   At any rate, here are some of my 27 requetes, ready to protect their faith and traditional values.

Command Team

Labels on rear to help organize.
"Command of the First Platoon"
The flag is a traditional Carlist emblem from their
support of a Hapsburg monarchy.

Seccion B
There are two bases (equipos - teams) per seccion, three secciones per peloton.

Rear View. Again, labeled.
I added a Nationalist flag because I had more room.
It also lists what type of team (equipo) the stand is. In this case, a Rifle team.

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