Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Requetes Approaching

   I've been working on some Carlist requetes that I obtained from Peter Pig. These are troops for the Spanish Civil War. 15mm, of course. I plan on basing them for Flames of War, because we are considering using the Spain in Flames version of that game to play. I am also interested in obtaining a copy of Bayonets and Ideology, which is Peter Pig's ruleset. Finally, we have a copy of Osprey's ruleset available (A World in Flames, I think).

   Anyway, I am nearly finished painting the first platoon of infantry for my Carlist forces. So here are a few in progress photos:

Crucifer, part of the command group for each platoon.

Carlist advancing.

Carlist officer. "Vamanos, compadres! Dios, patria, fueros, rey!"

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