Monday, July 21, 2014

Flames of War Victory Dance

   I won another game of Flames of War on Saturday. That puts me at 4 and 4 for the year - the best I have ever done! And this is one of two victories ever for me in which I was the only guy on my side of the table. So I am a bit stoked.

   The key was keeping the goal in mind - take objectives, forget about destroying the enemy. Well, maybe not forget, but certainly it is secondary.

   For the record, I still hate reserves. Next time we do a friendly game, we are just going for a straight up free-for-all. Everything out on the table.

   Now I just need to finish painting my Indian mortar platoon, and start painting up my DAK forces. I have more of those to purchase, too, but hey - you have to start somewhere, right?

   Sorry I didn't take any pictures - I was too busy trying to remember how to play the game. We did somethings that are unusual for us in this one, including the first use of British MG barrages. As far as we can figure it out, you conduct them just like any other barrage. This means that a single hit pins the target unit(s).

   Also the first time I have ever really used Recce assets. In this case, it was two sections of India Pattern Carriers. So I had to review those special rules a bit, too. In fact, I pushed them out a little too far ahead and one group got killed. This made for a 5-2 win, but it eats a loss any day of the week.

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