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Sunday, July 13, 2014

L'Musee d'Armee at Les Invalides

   Having recently returned from Paris, I thought I would share some of the multitude of photos that I took at the Musee d'Armee (Army Museum, duh) at the Invalides. The Invalides was a hospital for discharged soldeirs of France (some parts still act as a treatment center, actually), intended to keep them off the streets of Paris where their appearance as cripples and beggars made recruitment a bit more difficult. A pragmatic move that turned out to be a good idea. Anyway, the majority is now a museum, and holds the Tomb of Napoleon. And Foch, for that matter, who killed a lot of French soldiers.

   The last two photos are actually from the Louvre.

Marchand at Fashoda

Charles De Gaulle, who single handedly won World War II in Europe.

One of a series of amazing fortress models.

This model was immense. Probably 12 foot square.


Napoleon III

"Ultima Ratio Regum"

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Chuckaroobob said...

The comment about De Gaulle winning the won in Europe is amusing! I remember 20 years ago at the Austrian Military Museum there was no info about the battles of the Nappie wars except Aspern-Essling.