Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Deathray Dilemma

Gentlemen, I have a quandry, which I hope that you may help me resolve. I truly despise indecision, so I must make a stand quickly.

Here's the situation: I have 18mm Martians [Black Hat], and two sizes of deathrays. I am thinking of buying more 25/28mm riders for the larger deathrays and more smaller deathrays [Spotted Eagle Rays from Safari, Ltd.] for the smaller riders.

I have a variety of other flying devices and mounts and plans and such for 25/28mm, including High Martians, airships, etc. Nothing else currently on tap for 15/18mm, though I would like to get on to scratchbuilding some kites and airships for them as well.

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Eli Arndt said...

What is the dilemma, exactly? I would say that if you play in both scales, make more ray riders in both.

As for getting on to other projects, keep them going too. I have found that if I put off projects out of some need to get something specific done, then I never get ANYTHING done.

Because of this, I have adopted a built as I feel it sort of strategy and it has been working well. There are exceptions for projects related to specific games and events, but for general build-up, I just work on what I feel like working on.