Saturday, October 25, 2008

Royal Xenological Society, Vol. 1

Triceratops Tamed!

On the steamy jungle planet of Venus, great lizards very much like our own long extinct dinosauria still roam the surface, fly through the skies, and make water travel very... exciting, to say the least. One such creature is the immensely powerful, but moderately docile Triceratops. Recently, a group of Texican Marines operating south of Her Majesty's Camp Trafalagar location have reported the domestication of a trio of the gargantuan beasts. Surely, our friends and allies the Texicans will be forthcoming with their training methods for the better utilisation of animal power on Venus.

Bloodeye Swarm in Swamps of Veiled Planet

The carnivorous amphibian 'Bloodeye' frogs (Rana venustica phlegboptica ) are swarming through the southern swamps of Venus. Seen below is a photostat captured by a Texican journalist who is part of their recent military expedition to the Veiled Planet. As you can see, the amphibians are quite large, and have no fear of mankind or our weapons. Thankfully, they are thin-skinned, and a round or two from a rifle will do for them.

Martian Volcano Peppers - A Fiery Sensation!

A staple of Martian cooking, the volcano pepper is becoming increasingly valuable as an export item to Earth. The fiery hot fruit of this plant is quite popular in Texas and India. Additionally, the wood of the plant secretes an oil which is flammable, and useful as a fuel substitute to coal on the Red Planet. It has, in fact, been used to heat homes through the cold Martian nights for millennia. Our photostat comes from a typical farm in the Ikora District of the Martian Crown Colony.

[Editor's Notes: The Triceratops is a Schleich, which I purchased over the summer while they were on sale at Target for $0.96 each. I added a small scratchbuilt wooden platform to its back and some fine brass chain and rings for control, and there it is. The bloodeye frogs are just tiny little plastic frogs I got at the Dallas Zoo gift shop, 10 for $1! Finally, the volcano peppers are snips from an interesting fake flowering plant I saw at Hobby Lobby, superglued to some resing root stumps I sculpted for the specific purpose of utilising resin overages. I pour the extra resin into the mold with several roots in it, then cut out.]


Eli Arndt said...

Well done!

The Tric is wonderful and that frog idea, I was eyeballing some similar frogs at the local doll store, this very day.

That resi nstump idea is a great one. I'll have to remember that when I start casting.

Eli Arndt said...

Oh, looking over this post egain and recalled that I found a $1 a bag set of turtles today. Didn't pick any up, but let me know if they are something you can use.