Monday, October 20, 2008

The Pledge, as of October

Well, gentlemen, I find myself in trouble in regards to the Pledge. If you recall, I Pledged I would paint mroe than I bought this year, and that solemn oath is in serious danger of being broken.

Some would say, "Oh, but surely your illness this summer justifies your failure to whittle away at your immense stores of unpainted miniatures." To them I say, poppycock. A few days in hospital here or there certainly doesn't eliminate one's word of honour!

Others might remind me that the storm certainly disrupted what seemed a promising period of accomplishment in the reduction of the lead mountain. Coupled with the additional inhabitants of the domicile since the storm and pursuant lack of space and freedom from distraction, it makes a good excuse for limited progress. Again, I say twaddle! A few days without civilised comforts and a few weeks with four extra houseguests cuts no hay with me, sirrah!

Then, to add to the problem, I use the newly restored telephonic differencing engine weave to place order for several additional figures. If the lack of progress in reducing the previously accumulated stockpile was possibly forgiveable, the lack of discipline in not purchasing additional figurines is most certainly not.

Gentlemen, I need to get back to work, and that is an end to it! Enough fiddling with terrain bits - they cut nothing off the Pledge numbers. Wish me luck, as in the next two months I foresee a difficult time setting aside the necessary hours. But I shall endeavour to keep my sacred bond.

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Eli Arndt said...

Good luck with that. If your mind works like mine, there is always a new idea creeping up.

Part of the reason I have been working on "found art" type gaming for a bit is to try to avoid buying new stuff. I have been trying to access old stuff to make new stuff rather than just buying new stuff.