Monday, October 27, 2008

Photostatic Evidence

The Wicked Hun's "Agricultural" Equipment!

While the Venusstadt government may claim this is merely an agricultural implement designed for clearing the heavy forest and undergrowth of Venus for planting crops, I think my readers may judge for themselves the obvious military potential of the massive hulk.

I would estimate the titan at 20 to 25 feet tall, if the German officer in the foreground of this photo is any indication.
Here is another view of the Landwirtschaftspaziergänger, or farming walker, clearly showing the colonial ensign of Imperial Germany.

"Ghost" Archers Uncovered

Previously reported, the mysterious Martian archers have appeared for the first time in photostatic glory. It seems that these are 'unfinished' specimens of some sort. Yet, as these are the first verified images of these unknown, possibly menacing primitive Martians, I felt that it would be wise to print them. Loyal subjects of the Queen's Crown Colony take heed! If you see any Johnnies running about dressed in this manner, contact the authorities immediately. Officials of Her Majesty's Colonial government would very much like the opportunity to ask questions of these individuals.
[Editor's Notes: The ghost archers above are the final two in an 8 figure series showing the step-by-step development of the ghost archer's painting. The German walker is a virtually unchanged MechWarrior Dark Age mech, with some new paint, a flagstaff, and a coal bunker on the back of the engine.]


Eli Arndt said...

Looking good. I too have used Mechwarrior mechas for various projects but never VSF, though in our group collection of fiddly bits we do have a few that might work nicely.

The Ghost Warriors are just primitive Martians?

J Womack, Esq. said...

No... more like Martian Luddites.

They hate Earthmen and blame technology for their troubles. So they are back to basics kind of guys. Another analogy would be the Ghost Dancers of the American West. "If we just follow the old ways, the bad guys will disappear."