Monday, October 20, 2008

Venus + 1

20 October ….

After a long day of cutting trees and trimming limbs the men are exhausted I had an additional half pint added to their ale ration for appreciation of a good day's work. One timber tower was 90% completed and only lacked a roof covering of plant leaves and tree branches. Sergeant Garcia and I shot more grades and set markers today with our prized transit, while also driving markers for the post holes to be dug. We have picked good terrain that is thirty feet above the surrounding land. This hill we are on is of good size and will be sufficient enough for the original camp to double for expansion.

Mr. Griggs went on an expedition today and has drawn many pictures and documented new species of plants and animals. So far we have been lucky and have not encountered the Carnivorous Reptilians other nation's parties have been attacked by. Around noon during our lunch break Private O’Rourke pointed out flying reptiles in the distance. He was using my telescope to get a better view when a flight of three flew close enough to our position to hit with a rock. The things are humungous and would feed a company for at least half a week. I'm guessing they would taste like chicken if fried up. Sapper Jones (not to be confused with Private Jones or Lance Corporal Jones) wants to go hunting for them with his Martini-Henry as he is anxious to shoot something. He is one of my best scouts and can hit a target at 500 yards with little trouble, so maybe this Sunday after services I will let him and another go with a Black Leg patrol. We will see what time permits however as we are very busy.

The Black Legs are changing watches in the tower and the perimeter. I must say they are probably competent enough but I would have felt safer with other Marines manning our perimeter. I still do not understand how the War Department came up with the crew mixture for this journey; but I suspect it has something to do with the Chief of Staff Major General Pummel being a Black Leg himself. Well, enough for this evening as I will walk the lines with Sergeant Garcia and Corporal Cromwell, before the sun sets.

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