Monday, October 6, 2008

RTS Santa Fe Day 2

06 October ……

Yesterday evening the sky was tremendous as the Earth seemed to slowly shrink like a marble as it is thrown then rolls away slowly. I could pick out the coast of the Republic and spent most of the evening staring in amazement at how small we are. The Captain of the ship celebrated our departure from the Earth by doubling our daily ale ration.

This morning we sweated out the evil by performing close order saber and 'Repel boarders' drills for four hours; it seemed to work well and it also helped to pass the time as needed. Mister Griggs was busy reading his manual and playing with a sextant as he began making his own map of the stars along our journey. I inquired to what he was doing, seeking to make polite conversation and he responded about how he minored in astronomy at the Academy. It seems he was the star pupil. Ha!

I was reading a fabulous book about space travel written by a Frenchman named Verne. Mister Griggs thought it was strange that an enlisted man could read something more than a muster list and information for reports and commented on how he himself enjoyed the book. I must be cautious, or I might begin to enjoy this young pup's company. That would never do.
Well enough for the day as I have to make the rounds and check the men standing post.

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