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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fredericksburg, ho!

  No, not a lady of negotiable virtue in Fredericksburg. And not Fredericksburg, Texas - although that is a really interesting vacation destination as well, if you are into history, especially World War II. Admiral Chester Nimitz was from there, and there is a really nice museum in the old hotel his family owned... but I digress.

   I am talking about Fredericksburg, Virginia. Site of four major Civil War battles... but, more importantly for my friend Zach and I, it is the site of Historicon 2013!

   By the time this posts - I am scheduling this to post later on (current time is 2146 on 16 July)  - we will already be on our way to the airport. 0600 flight out of Houston to BWI. But four days of toys and games and oooo shiny!

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