Friday, July 5, 2013

Space Marines for OGRE? Madness!

   You see, here's the problem: I don't like the figures for the infantry battlesuits that are part of the official OGRE line. So I started looking around at 6mm battle-suited infantry. And, lo and behold, (DUH! moment), I hit Epic Space Marines. Plastics are relatively cheap and plentiful. I have purchased a couple of hundred now, and have begun painting a few.

  The Mk. 6 Corvus armour suits (aka "Beakies") are being painted up as Paneuropean troops. I put six figures on a popsicle stick, this forming two platoons of three squads (each figure represents an entire squad). Four platoons is going to make a company (Command, two regular, one heavy), and three companies plus a CP will make up a battalion. That's the plan, at any rate.

   Since the premise of the game is that the commanders are watching the developments via holotank, and the figures are merely representations of what is actually on the field, realistic modern drab colors are not required. Sure, the real battlesuits are camouflaged, but in the holotank, it is more important to immediate recognize the forces. So we get to have colorful figures, and a good rationale for it, too.

   The French are a major nation of Paneurope, so I decided to start with a battalion of French troops. They have horizon blue uppers and madder red legs, along with red helmets. I also have two companies' worth of assault marines, with jump packs. These must be Legion Etrangere! I just hit them with primer last night, but the paint scheme will still be simple: dark blue upper body, white legs, white helmet (kepi blanc).

   Meanwhile, I have decided that my initial Combine units will be British. Why? Because I'm an Anglophile, that's why! The first OGRE, a Mk. V known as Ashe, is attached to the Coldstream Guards. You can see him in progress here. I'll also do some lighter armour and infantry to go along. I think I may run up some Canadians as a different unit, too. Red and white, need a maple leaf decal... Hmm...


Chuckaroobob said...

Great minds think alike! The SJ Infantry didn't appeal to me either, I used Ral Partha Battlemech infantry of assorted kinds.

Eli Arndt said...


Wish I would have got to you first. Some of the Fleet Scale Mecha I sculpted for would make nice Battlesuits for Ogre too.