Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Legion Etrangere in OGRE

   The French Foreign Legion has a lot of romantic history, and has even shown up in science fiction novels of the future, although in mixed form (Falkenberg's Legion, once a regiment of the CoDominion Marines were partially descended from the Legion. Great bit about Camerone in one of the novels). Anyway, I like the Legion, so I figured I had to include the Lègion Ètrangère in my Paneuropean forces.

   I started with infantry. As I mentioned elsewhere, I am not a huge fan of the OGRE line's infantry. Just not my cuppa. Anyway, I bought a batch of GW's Epic-scale Space Marines, including some assault marines. Assault? Sounds like the Legion to me!

The gold shoulder pad indicates company command element.

The white space is for unit details.

   I need to get some more assault marines, and some heavy weapons ("Devastators?") to finish out the battalion.  So here what we have is four platoons of Legionnaires. A good start, at any rate.


Anne said...

I think these bruisers could do some damage!

 Ashley said...

My Pan Euro force is meant to be the 7th Demi-Brigade Légion Étrangèr (7DBLÉ).