Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Historicon Purchases

   Two of my favorite things at Historicon are the Vendor's Room and Wally's Basement, the 'flea market.' Why? All the shiny toys! And of course I bought my share of them. Here's what I got.

HISTORICON FREE SWAG IN THE BAG: Usually this has been pretty good, but this year's was a bit disappointing. It consisted of a single metal figure by Warlord, a 28mm ACW cavalryman, dismounted, firing a revolver. Yes, it is a nicely done figure, and limited edition and all, but I don't have much use for it. Trade fodder, I suppose.


  • Battletech Flea 'Mech
  • Battletech Hex bases (x4)
  • Rebel Minis 15mm Steampunk Adventurers (x5)
  • Splintered Light 15mm "Not Firefly" (x10)
  • Perry Minis 28mm Plastic ACW Zouaves (x42)
  • Frontier Minis 15mm FPW Chasseurs d'Afrique (x8)
  • Frontier Minis 15mm FPW French Infantry (x18)
  • Frontier Minis 15mm FPW French Garde Grenadiers (x18)
  • Frontier Minis 15mm FPW French Command (x12)
  • Frontier Minis 15mm FPW Mtd. Generals (x2)
  • Frontier Minis 15mm FPW Limbers (x4)
  • Dystopian Wars Prussian Armoured Battle Group
  • Reaper BONES Ape-X
  • Reaper BONES Kobolds (x18)
  • Reaper BONES Eye Beast
  • Reaper Savage Worlds Darius Hellstromme
  • Reaper Shrend Alligator-Man
  • Parroom Diabolical Weaponeer (x2)
  • Parroom Manikin Automatons (x10)
  • Cygnar Trencher Master Gunner
  • Ironclad Miniatures Steam Tank 1
  • Ironclad Miniatures Steam Tank 13
  • GW Ork Killa Kan
  • GW Empire Emperor Karl Franz
  • GW Empire Reiksguard Champion
  • GW Empire Battle Wizards (x2)
  • GW Blood Bowl Kroxigor
  • GW Ghoul
  • GW Skaven (x9)
  • GW Horses (x2)
  • Battlemasters Halberdiers (x2)
  • FOW DAK Panzergrenadier platoon
  • FOW DAK Machinegun platoon
  • FOW British Lt. Col. Frost
  • Kneeling Camels (x2)
  • Chariot Minis Turtle w/Howdah
  • Small Sailboat


  • MBA 15mm Bridge
  • MBA 25mm Jungle Adventure building
  • JR Minis 15mm Vietnam Buildings (x2)
  • JR Minis 6mm dirt road (2 pcs)
  • JR Minis 6mm cobblestone roads (22 pcs)
  • JR Minis 15mm river (blue) (16 pcs)
  • 4-Ground 28mm Check Point
  • Scenic Crafts Flock/Static Grass (Carnage Red)
  • Scenic Crafts Flock/Static Grass (Oxidized)
  • 6mm Sci Fi Buildings (x3)


  • Dave's Baggage Train trays (7 pcs)
  • Hotwire Foam Factory 3 Tool Kit
  • Foam Glue
  • Molon Labe patch
  • GF9 20mm square bases
  • Paint (4 bottles)
  • Dystopian Wars patch
  • Decals (8 sheets)
  • BK Toy: Wild Wild West Tarantula
  • Dark Future Boxed Game


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Michael Awdry said...

NOw that is a serious amount of swag, well done that man.