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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Presenting OGRE Unit Ashe, of the Coldstream Guards

[##RF-ID: 1/2-V-ASHE-78-14//07112083.155010]
  Regiment Sierra Six, this is Ashe. Request secure connect with Regiment Sierra Four, please.

[##RFID: 2 RCP(S4)//07112083.155100]
  Ashe, this is Sierra Four, Whitley speaking. What can Logistics do for you today? We just topped up your ammunition... yesterday, according to my log.

[##RF-ID: 1/2-V-ASHE-78-14//07112083.155101]
  Captain Whitley? Excellent! Sir, I would like to request a favor. I have a day of leave coming, and I was wondering if you could be so kind as to spare a few men and a spot or two of paint? My regimental flash has gotten banged up a good bit, also my Combine armour badge, and I'd like to have them seen to as soon as possible.

[##RFID: 2 RCP(S4)//07112083.155115]
  Unit Ashe, is there a problem with the armoured section of your conning tower? Is your sensor dome intact?

[##RF-ID: 1/2-V-ASHE-78-14//07112083.155116]
Affirmative, Captain Whitley. I am fully functional.

[##RFID: 2 RCP(S4)//07112083.155119]
  So this is purely a cosmetic job? Are you out of your plastic and fiber-optic cable mind? There's a war going on, if you hadn't noticed!

[##RF-ID: 1/2-V-ASHE-78-14//07112083.155120]
  On the contrary, Captain. I think one should look smart in front of the men, don't you? Good for morale, and all that. This is the Coldstream Guards, after all, not some grubby colonial TA battalion!

   So I have been painting an OGRE. The big guy, my Mk. V. As I was considering paint schemes, I decided that it should be somewhat determined by the AI's personality. So a bit of backstory later, and we arrive at 1/2-ASHE-78-V-14. Reading backwards, we have the fourteenth Mk. V produced in 2078 at Sheffield Factory's Building A, assigned to First Battalion, 2nd Regiment (Coldstream Guards). This particular OGRE is known (as are many of the Building A units) as "Ashe" within the Regiment. He has been attached to the regiment for five years, and has an inordinate sense of regimental and personal pride. Yes, a vain OGRE.

I need an hourglass decal! That handpainted one looks shite!

Conning tower is painted in tactical flash for Guards Regiment.

   Ashe isn't completely finished. I need some decals, and I just thought about painting the sensor dome black with a red plume on the right hand side (not unlike a bearskin!). Otherwise, he is in strict accordance with regulations regarding paintwork. He would be, the insufferable git.

  I will probably paint some infantry to go with Ashe here, and some lighter armour units of the Coldstreams.


Chuckaroobob said...

For the honour of the regiment!!!

Pat G said...

Most excellent! If you want a Canadian equivalent, put the flash on the left side of the dome for the GGFG (my old regiment) ;)