Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1. Luftpanzer Regiment GEVs

   I finished up a full squadron of nine Paneuropean GEVs yesterday, took some snaps this morning. And here they are, the 1.Luftpanzer Regiment's Squadron 1. Equipped with the Paneuropean Galahad-class (the Luftpanzer IIIc in Bundeswehr terminology), the 1.Luftpanzer rides into battle at high speed, guns blazing in a glorious death-ride like the hussars of olden days.

All nine, in road column formation.

National flag symbol on the port side.
Modeled crossing a stream. This one is my favorite.
I think I might add a bit of 'spray' coming from the edges of the skirt.

Of course, I screwed up the Paneuro helmet on this one.
Needs a re-paint on that.

A better depiction of the Paneuropean Federation logo.

The unit and Ogre stats are on the rear label.


 Ashley said...

Only just caught your blog from your link on TMP today. Nice to see what you have posted and always good to find another Ogre fan.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Thanks Ashley. I put all kinds of stuff on here, and it tends to go in waves. Right now, Ogre is towards the top. Next week I am looking at working on some 15mm Thirty Years War Germans. Go figure.