Friday, January 3, 2014

Off to A Rousing Start

   Well, I am off to a rousing start this year already. I've even accomplished one of my goals for the year already. That would be Goal #10: Win a game of Ogre.

   I've made two internet purchases already as well. The first was some bases that I will be needing for some 15mm minis that I have almost finished (the 11 British Naval Brigade troops). They just need to be based and clear coated, and that puts me a good little step on the way to my 100 mini goal.

   The second purchase was from WargamesVault. I bought the PDF of the Olde Towne Bundle of Stoelzel's Structures. I need some 25mm Victorian city buildings, and these look as if they will fit the bill. I will print some out this morning and hopefully by this afternoon will have a building or two assembled. Eventually I want to put them on foamcore, but I think I will start with simple card buildings. One thing that I like about them is that I can print out a bunch of cardstock, and take that and some white glue to a convention. Spend the night before a game gluing it together, and just give them away afterwards. Ultra-portable convention terrain - it might get me to bring a game to Historicon again!


Stoelzel's Structures said...

Thanks for your purchase TSG, I hope you enjoy your stay in Olde Towne. I also hope you'll post of pics of your game for us to see.


J Womack, Esq. said...


Well, I have printed a few pieces out already, and used spray adhesive to mount them to some foamcore. I just need to cut them out and assemble them now.